How effective is walking every day to lose weight?

For weight loss and burning calories, it is not necessary to work out for hours in the gym. Walking is easier and more efficient. It even outperforms running, swimming, and cycling in terms of weight loss, according to researchers. Among the positive results of walking, the following can be distinguished. Protecting the brain from stroke and relieving […]

Which of the best ways to lose weight did you try?

It is really very simple to lose weight and keep it off when you come right down to it. I know. Ten years ago at the age of 58 I decided I had to lose 50 pounds of fat. The doctor confirmed the necessity. The mirror mocked me. I weighed 217 pounds, was pre-diabetic, and […]

How do I accelerate weight loss naturally?

1. Drink more green tea Green tea not only fights cancer but also speeds up metabolism. The results of the study showed that people who drank green tea 3 times a day or 3 times of green tea extract had a 4% faster metabolism rate than those who did not drink green tea. In other […]

What are the best ways to lose weight?

As a Sports Nutrition Specialist , a Consoultant in Weight Loss and a Certified Personal Trainer , these tips are the key for anyone trying to lose weight ! First of all we should know that there is a huge difference between terms “ lose weight “ and “ lose fat “ Losing weight may […]

What was the most important thing you did for weight loss?

What was the most important thing you did for weight loss?

I lost 15kg in last 5 months, I never went to a gym, no jogging, no running. I just managed my food (and so, the calories intake). I’ll tell you my very simple idea: Go for a low-carb diet (no sugar diet, that means you won’t eat rice, pizza, yogurt, bread, noodles, cakes, wheat products, […]

Why should we dance?!

We all know that we need to keep active and that exercise has many benefits not only for our body but also for our mind. When we exercise the hormone endorphin is released which trigger a positive feeling and reduce your perception of pain. Have you ever danced at a party and felt unhappy doing it? No! […]

best season to lose weight!

Hmmmm….well there is no right answer to this question. Is summer easier because we can barbeque lovely lean meat, accompanied by salad? Post Christmas because we have all had our fill of too much rich food? Spring – because we are celebrating the lighter nights and anticipating holidays? From my experience it’s late autumn in […]

I can’t lose weight?

I’ve literally lost count of the number of people who have asked me “Why can’t I lose weight?’. They are exercising regularly, eating healthy food and are doing everything they ‘should’. When I have my first consultation call with a client I ask them to describe a typical day. Many people tell me a ‘good […]

drinking water matters for weight loss

A common problem I come across is people not drinking enough water. Did you know that this can actually inhibit your weight loss? “ Would you wash your face in it? ” This is my response when clients ask me whether they can substitute the 2.5 litres of still water (let’s call it ‘the good […]