How effective is walking every day to lose weight?


For weight loss and burning calories, it is not necessary to work out for hours in the gym. Walking is easier and more efficient. It even outperforms running, swimming, and cycling in terms of weight loss, according to researchers.

Among the positive results of walking, the following can be distinguished.

  • Protecting the brain from stroke and relieving symptoms of depression.
  • Strengthening bones. Walking four hours a week reduces the risk of a hip fracture in old age by 43%. The more you move now, the more mobile you will be later.
  • Improving heart health. Even 20 minutes of walking a day reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%.
  • Scientists have found that short workouts boost metabolism and burn more fat than long workouts. Therefore, this plan is built on the alternation of short intervals of a quick and calm step. This scheme was developed by the Leigh Crews trainer, who deals with race walking professionals.

How to walk properly?

Work out six days a week, alternating between endurance walking and interval training.

  • Endurance walking. Builds strength and endurance. Move at an even, medium pace.
  • 4 + 2. Increases stamina. Alternate between four minutes of brisk walking with two minutes at an average pace.
  • 30-second sprints. Increases overall travel speed. Alternate short intervals of brisk walking with a quiet minute.
  • Equal alternations. Improves the body’s ability to withstand high speed for a long time. Alternate equal intervals of brisk walking and moving at a moderate pace.
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