Which of the best ways to lose weight did you try?

It is really very simple to lose weight and keep it off when you come right down to it. I know. Ten years ago at the age of 58 I decided I had to lose 50 pounds of fat. The doctor confirmed the necessity. The mirror mocked me. I weighed 217 pounds, was pre-diabetic, and […]

How do I accelerate weight loss naturally?

1. Drink more green tea Green tea not only fights cancer but also speeds up metabolism. The results of the study showed that people who drank green tea 3 times a day or 3 times of green tea extract had a 4% faster metabolism rate than those who did not drink green tea. In other […]

Weight loss tips to lose wight fast to stay healthy and fit

Body weight seems like a burden when it exceeds the limit. For owing an overweight body, certainly you’ll face a significant number of troubles on the thanks to lead your regular life. You shouldn’t think that here I have been writing my personal opinion on overweight people. Several studies show that people always want to […]