What are the best ways to lose weight?


As a Sports Nutrition Specialist , a Consoultant in Weight Loss and a Certified Personal Trainer , these tips are the key for anyone trying to lose weight !

First of all we should know that there is a huge difference between terms “ lose weight “ and “ lose fat “

Losing weight may occurs by too many unhealthy diets or problems , you will feel fatigue all the day , you may lose muscles and fluids not only some fat and that is a disaster !

For example : cutting off carbs may cause a fast weight loss because carbs bond to water in your body to be stored so when you cut carbs there is no need for that water which bond to it , so you will see that you lost weight in maybe first 3_4 days but that’s not fat !! You just lost numbers .

Many unheathy diets tell you to cut off carbs at all to lose weight and that’s bad !!

Losing fat is the healthy term, which means you will try to lose onle excess fat without losing muscles or your body fluids .

You can’t lose only fat in a wrong way , you must make a diet plan with a little bit of exercises which will boost your burning fat journey .

Here are some tips that will help everyone trying to get in shape :

1_ Eat protein dense foods !

Like chicken , egg , low fat meat , fish , etc….

Protein hads the highest TEF (thermic effect of food) between macros .

2_ Eat at least five portions of vegetables

and try to eat them raw to get more nutrients .

3_ Do some sport !

Go for a walk in the morning for 30 minutes before your breakfast , or do some resistance training it will halp you a lot in toning your body and boost fat loss .

4_ Stay away from :

High sugar foods / drink

Processed foods

Fries and fast foods

You can eat them once a week but not more !

5_ Drink water !

Water is more than 70% of your body , it boost your metabolism abd gives you better performance .

6_ Be active !

Get out of your sedantary lifestyle and go into active mode , use stairs instead of lift , go for a walk to the market not by car !

Most of your calories burn during your daily activity not just by working out !

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