What is more important, money or health? things are more important than money!

Health or money?

1. Health

There are some rich people who cannot be happy because they are sick. Even large amounts of money do not help them improve their health. Certainly, when you have money you can avoid many health problems as there are many opportunities to have a healthy lifestyle. However, money will never give you perfect health. Pay much attention to your health, which is the most precious thing you have.

2. Family


In everyone’s mind, family is one of the things that makes us truly happy. Money cannot be more important than your loved ones and warm relationships with them. Money cannot replace your family. Despite all the problems and difficulties that you may face in life, family members will always be by your side. They will support you not because of your status, your wealth, but simply because they love you. That’s why you should care, care for them whenever possible.

3. Children

Having a child is one of the great gifts. Your baby is a special gift that heaven gives. Can money make you happier than a child’s smile? Today many families are unable to have children. They have to suffer a lot. These people are willing to devote all their money to change the situation, but they cannot. So if you have children, give them all love and attention.

4. Friends

We can hardly imagine life without friends. They will only make us feel happy and will support us no matter what happens. Finding a real friend is not easy. If such people are with you, respect and appreciate them. Remember that friends are your second family. The main difference is that you can freely choose friends from hundreds of people around, but you can never choose your family.

5. Love


Love fills our life with meaning and joy. Nobody can buy human feelings, even if you are a millionaire. Emotions and emotions cannot be bought. If you have a lover, you should respect each moment for that person. No one else will perfect you and understand you like that person. This person will always make you smile and inspire you to do good things.

6. Freedom


We rarely think of our freedom and its importance for each person. Most people have to admit that there are a large number of countries people are not free to do what they want. Freedom is essential to help us preserve our personal identity and do what we want. Therefore, we should respect our liberal defenders.

7. Happiness


Everyone on earth regardless of age, gender, status needs happiness. Everyone has different perceptions of happiness. For people who buy a new home can be the happiest moment of their life, but for others having children is an expected event. When suffering and depression, we will not be able to feel the things that come with happiness. You should remember that happiness not only comes from wealth. Real friends and positive emotions will make you the happiest person in the world.

8. Compassion


Compassion is an integral part of our relationships with others. There is no true love and true friendship without compassion. It’s terrible to live on a planet where people don’t have compassion. If you have compassion in your heart, you can be sure that you are an extremely wealthy person. Compassion is not something you can buy. Even brutal bank accounts do not help people with cold hearts.

9. Safety

Safety is extremely valuable to us. When you’re safe, you feel comfortable and relaxed. If not, you will live in fear. Sure, rich people can have a lot of bodyguards accompanying them everywhere. However, that does not mean that they are fully protected. So your safety is more important than money.

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