What was the most important thing you did for weight loss?

What was the most important thing you did for weight loss?

I lost 15kg in last 5 months, I never went to a gym, no jogging, no running. I just managed my food (and so, the calories intake).

I’ll tell you my very simple idea:

  1. Go for a low-carb diet (no sugar diet, that means you won’t eat rice, pizza, yogurt, bread, noodles, cakes, wheat products, dryfruits, etc.),
  2. No f****ng soft drinks, alcohol, etc. They are your worst enemies. God!
  3. Eat fresh green vegetables as much as you can (like cauliflower, broccoli, spinach),
  4. Eat more white meat for calories intake (Chicken, fish),
  5. Walk at least 5km a day, you can download some App to track the distance.
  6. It’s all about calories management. For about 3500 calories deficit, you lose 0.5kg. So, if your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) is 1800 calories a day (typical for a person weighing 80kg), you can eat food worth 1 100 calories a day (you have a deficit of 700 calories), walk ∼5km (you lose 300 calories).
  7. Lose 900–1000 calories a day, in one week you lose about 1kg. In one month you lose about 3-4kg. Quite doable with a balanced lifestyle.
  8. Last but not least, every time you buy a food product, read the ingredient label. Just don’t choose a high-carb food product.

Well, even if you are losing about 2kg/month just by managing your diet, it’s incredibly great!

Believe me, a low-carb diet is more helpful for losing weight than a low-fat diet.

What do you think?


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